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Yeah, screw you, Livejournal. My password is not too easy to guess. >:( denizens bother me.

They do.

Not the spelling/grammar/blatant gay jokes.

It's just how they seem to think.

Explain the entire concept of "no d/l" to me. Go on.

Do they REALLY have to play WC3 that bad that they can't wait the 30-50 seconds it usually takes to d/l a map? Now, I could reasonably see this being a matter for those who d/l slowly. But EVERYONE kicks slow d/lers, so that doesn't make you special. No d/l maps kick no matter what, and usually d/lers join anyway.

Or how's about 'no noobs'? ....Yes, I understand the concept of wanting all vets. But if everyone does it in EVERY GAME...see, that's the problem with these strategies. They work on the basis of them being the only ones that do it. Yet scrolling down a WC3 list of games leads to a long list of 'dota 3.28289374928734982734 special ultra gold platinum edition no noobs no d/l' and whatnot.

Furthermore, Helm's Deep is impossible for humans to win.

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