January 23rd, 2004

I know I said there'd be nothing about my personal life.

I lied. Small tidbit.

Had a physics test today. I did great till the last question.

I think somehow I claimed the height of a table was equal to gravity divided by time. ...However, in the same question, I think I said time was infinity. This could potentially cause a problem, because somehow, I came up with 5 m high anyway.

But, back to internet stuff, I guess.

...So, one of the forums I go to has a rule against drive-by advertising. That is, posting once and only to post spam. This, to me, seems to be absolute lunacy. Morals of the spammer aside, it's bloody mathematically unsound for the spammer to listen.

Neat table time :D

R: Rule
S: Spam
N: No Rule
D: Doesn't Spam

R 1 0
N 1 0

In case that didn't mean anything to you, there's only a chance the ad will get clicked on when the thing is posted. ...It does the spammer absolutely no good to listen to the rule, and nothing actually negative happens for not following it.

You're even assuming that a guy who's going to post ONCE on a forum is going to bother to read the rules. Why do you read rules? So you can continue to post at a forum. It's bloody lunacy to somehow assume that people who don't intend to stay at your forum will follow the rules. There's no reason to.

Now, let's take some adspammer who may decide to join. Ack! A no advertising rule! Well, we've burnt our bridges, time to flee. So, not only is it ineffective against adspammers, it may also be damaging to ACTUAL POTENTIAL MEMBERS.

Spam is really a thing too many people get upset about as well. On email where people get several hundred a day in some cases, I can see reasonable problems. But the constant numbers about how it ruins the economy are ridiculous. It's like claiming that people who sell television shows are being ruined by the fact networks sell commercial time.

As for message boards, it's bloody rare. Message boards take a little more time and effort most of the time. Even without an advertising rule, the forum I speak of got maybe 1 or 2 a week. And those were all King of Chaos players. ...I won't even go into how they thought that was a GOOD idea, but it was original, I guess.

Even in the case of message boards, realize that the people that do this probably go to about 200+ message boards, at the least. If even 1 out of those clicks a link, that's 1 click more than he or she would have gotten otherwise. It's bloody simple math.

Yes, spam is annoying. No, it's not the end of the world.