February 23rd, 2004


Today's complaint?

People who change their name on MSN. Constantly.

If you don't know, due to being under a rock ro something, MSN Messenger allows you to change your display name so people see something different. This is useful if you want to customize away messages, and, theoretically, it shouldn't be a problem.

However, people seem to forget that their names actually change.

I have a friend, let's say, Bill. Me and Bill talk occasionally. He's the only one on my list.

His name on MSN is, uh, "Bill". Yeah, that's creative.

Now, the next morning, I wake up, and there's a name consisting of some song lyrics. Oh, that must be Bill! Oh, right, I get it now.

Now I have 50 people on my list. I go to bed knowing their names.

The next morning, they're all song lyric names, I can't possibly memorize all of their emails, and they all get annoyed when I can't tell who they are or I'm not talking to them.

>_> People. Choose a name, -stick to it-.