Banjooie (banjooie) wrote,


Since I'm bored of the mighty trolling project - Thank you, incidentally, that was priceless -, random VL IC angsting!

This particular little nugget is basically set a few years after Gotcha Force.


Orochi had it easy. She at least had the mind control excuse.

Tama, on the other hand, was just going into high school. Granted, nobody physically bullied him anymore in school, wasn't exactly socially acceptable to be chums with a mass murderer. He was, of course, young enough that nobody really wanted to throw him in prison, and he'd been declared innocent, but...

"Hey, fatty! Plotting who you're gonna kill next?" A boy sneered at him. Tama groaned, and put his head deeper into his hands. It was /easier/, back then. When he was in the Death Force, he was just following orders. When he was in the Gotcha Force, he was just doing the right, hell, /now/, he was just some idiot. Kou'd done what he could, damage control wise, but he was starting to look at Usagi, and...but anyway.

He got up from the cafeteria seat. The lunchladies liked him; He was a good guinea pig for their latest creations. He liked the lunchladies; He never had to pay for any of it. Or was that abject fear? He never knew. It'd be easier if he actually was a heartless fiend. He..


Now there was an idea...

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